Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thank You Babo!!

..alright, for those of you who now think I'm just fishing for compliments because my Blog border looks so dang stinking cute!!...think again! I am not at all the one to be given the credit for "renovating" my page. My wonderful sister, Heather (Babo) snuck into our account and surprised me with THIS! Thank You Babo! Maybe this "Blog Business" won't be so bad after all! Love you!

Nelson's On Board

Okay, I have officially caved in! I put this off forever because I have been trying to take out as many extra elements in my life as possible, not ADD on! However, I thought this might actually be somewhat therapeutic for me and I do enjoy catching up on other's lives and family updates. Last Sunday I was released as the YW President in our ward after 2 1/2 years and feel like perhaps this might help to fill the void and give me something fun to do in my spare time...funny choice of words- "spare time". I think as mothers we never actually have "spare time", we just have to dig deep to create it for ourselves, though it tends to take the place of the millions of other things on our "to do" list, waiting to be fulfilled. I do believe this time to ourselves is crucial and can be justified as necessary "productive me time" rather than "selfish wasted time".
By the way, can anyone explain to me why our picture is GINORMOUS?? I promise I had no vain intentions, I just have no idea how to format a blog!