Thursday, March 18, 2010

*from my front porch looking in*

"There's a carrot-top that can barely walk, with a sippy cup 'o' milk; a little blue-eyed blonde with shoes on wrong, 'cause she likes to dress herself..."
Well with the exception of the following line, this song epitomizes our little family!! Ha! Our little carrot-top is now 8 months old(okay, so he may not be walking quite yet, but his frequent yoga moves on the floor are hinting that he will be walking in no time! He has the downward facing dog DOWN!;-))

I can attribute my extended blogging hiatus to this little monkey and his stubborn little body that has given him trouble since the day we brought him home! Today he does nothing but smile and yoga around the room! Oh, how we love him!
My little "blue-eyed blonde".....well, would anyone like to throw me a good word to describe her? She is simply breathtaking....this meaning she both takes my breath away (literally!!) by her bottomless tank of energy as well as her deliciously contagious enthusiasm for life. We cover MANY miles in a day!
Last November we were blessed far beyond our wildest dreams (thank you, Pedro!) with a beautiful home and two horses. We are richly blessed with the dearest of friends and family in our lives. From my front porch looking in, life is beautiful!

Dear Friends!
Happy Birthday, Jenna!

Making Baby Cradles out of Napkins!

Great Grandma Dahlquist

You guessed it! Charly was indeed a "Charly Horse" for Halloween!

My Sweet Baby Boy at Primary's