Thursday, March 18, 2010

*from my front porch looking in*

"There's a carrot-top that can barely walk, with a sippy cup 'o' milk; a little blue-eyed blonde with shoes on wrong, 'cause she likes to dress herself..."
Well with the exception of the following line, this song epitomizes our little family!! Ha! Our little carrot-top is now 8 months old(okay, so he may not be walking quite yet, but his frequent yoga moves on the floor are hinting that he will be walking in no time! He has the downward facing dog DOWN!;-))

I can attribute my extended blogging hiatus to this little monkey and his stubborn little body that has given him trouble since the day we brought him home! Today he does nothing but smile and yoga around the room! Oh, how we love him!
My little "blue-eyed blonde".....well, would anyone like to throw me a good word to describe her? She is simply breathtaking....this meaning she both takes my breath away (literally!!) by her bottomless tank of energy as well as her deliciously contagious enthusiasm for life. We cover MANY miles in a day!
Last November we were blessed far beyond our wildest dreams (thank you, Pedro!) with a beautiful home and two horses. We are richly blessed with the dearest of friends and family in our lives. From my front porch looking in, life is beautiful!

Dear Friends!
Happy Birthday, Jenna!

Making Baby Cradles out of Napkins!

Great Grandma Dahlquist

You guessed it! Charly was indeed a "Charly Horse" for Halloween!

My Sweet Baby Boy at Primary's

Thursday, July 30, 2009

*Labors of Love*

Over the past few months prior to our baby's arrival, Jordan has been talking about "making a bassinet". With nothing much under his belt but an honorary PhD in New Yankee Workshop, This Old House and Home Town program-viewing, I had my reasons for doubt. Well, the months passed by and soon there were only two weeks left with nothing started and the doubts started to simmer. I had already picked out a 'back-up' online, just in case. We decided over the 4th of July weekend, that we would retreat to our family cabin, just our little family, for one last vacation before Baby arrived. Jordan was determined to devote the entire weekend to making this bassinet. Around the clock, he hammered away. He finished the bassinet the day after returning home from the cabin. The time, energy, faith and commitment he put into this project left me speechless. Jordan is a dreamer, just like my father. They have such insurmountable faith in achieving their goals...and they always do! What a timeless treasure he has created for our little family.

A few days before our little one arrived, I found a little playhouse listed on KSL that I have always wanted for my Charly! It had a doorbell, little tables, a phone, a fireplace, a clock...the works! It would keep her entertained when the baby arrived and feed that incredible imagination of hers! After talking it over with Jordan, we both decided not to afford it. My heart was broken, but I knew we needed to focus on our savings as our home is being built. Charly and I left for a while to run some errands and came home about an hour and a half later. I went to take the garbage out through the back door and nearly collapsed when I saw this:

Jordan must have left work immediately and driven all the way down town to pick this up for his girls. I will never forget that moment I opened the door, falling to my knees and weeping while a confused two-year old gleefully welcomed herself into her new little home.:-) Of course, we had to have the "sometimes we cry when we are happy" talk.:-) Such a labor of love I will never forget!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I sure hope we all remember this commercial! It's a classic!

It's true, after 9 long months of not knowing what we were having, the curtain was finally drawn on July 16, 2009. Our little Spencer Winston Nelson is here and we have been doing cartwheels ever since. As my dear cousin, Marilyn Williams shared with me after our first, "Having children is like letting your heart walk around outside of your body, experiencing true unconditional love for the first time." I am simply lost in love with this little boy and my angel daughter, Charly Wynn. Oh, how I love them.

Coming home from the hospital is always so difficult, as you leave behind you that "security blanket", where your baby is being cared for and sheltered from the world, to suddenly walking back into the world and feeling more afraid and vulnerable than ever before. How blessed we are to have the Gospel as our eternal "cushion", to offer the peace and reassurance that the world otherwise defies.
So here he is, after four popcycles and one push, Charly Wynn's baby brother made his big premiere.....and he has red hair!!! It's actually the most beautiful copper-tone color. We are so happy! He is named after his Dad, Jordan Spencer, and his Grandpa and Great-Grandpa, Charles Winston.
Oma Dahlquist and her Babies
Opa Charles Winston

Our Family Uncle "Boo" and Bubba (Alex)
Here's Our Boy!
Aunt Jillsie and Charly
Uncle Dallas, Ashley, and Halley

Grandma Nelson
Grandpa Nelson

My sweet angel baby boy

Friends, Tyler, Aubrey and Quentin Herd

Chris and Scott

I love this man!! (Dr. Gregory Tanner)

Our Dinner for Two!! (provided by Alta View Hospital!!)

Dave and Jalene Hale


My Best Friend, Jenna!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

At Last...Our "Livvy-Lou" Has Arrived!

Waiting and waiting with Opa

Charly's new baby cousin, Olivia Sue

Hello, Everybody!! I am back from my blogging hiatus, although I am sure I have lost all of my followers...not that I expected to have any before anyway!

Oh my, where has all the time gone?! We are just a few weeks away from welcoming our little "surprise" into the world!! Yesterday, my dear sister, Julie, gave birth to her 4th little baby angel, Olivia Sue. This makes for 11 Grandchildren for the Dahlquist's and one more on the way! "Livvy" is absolutely the most beautiful little baby I have ever seen! I am so happy for my sister and her family!

Tickle Tickle!!