Tuesday, December 23, 2008

*A Winter Wonderland*

Merry Christmas Everyone! We Love You So Much!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


There is simply nothing more genuinely rewarding than listening to your child sing for their first time, "I am a child of God". Even more priceless is to hear her belt out this tender melody as a source of comfort from her crib after exhausting the phrase, "Mommy, open the door...Mommy, OPEN THE DOOR!..." And then, after several verses, realizing still that Mommy is not coming to rescue her, I hear, "Ga-ma! Gaaaaaaa-ma! I wanna see Ga-ma!" How could I resist a brief phone call to "Ga-ma" after listening to my 22 month old exemplify such faith and courage from the dark, quiet corner of her room. After a brief chat from her crib with her Grandma and another verse of "I am a Child of God" through the phone, I lay my sweet baby down and while on my way out I hear, "Thank you Mommy".

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Come What May, and Love It"

Oh, how I have drawn much comfort in these sweet, reassuring words from Elder Wirthlin from his final General Conference talk in October. We sold our home in a matter of about 30 minutes and were given one week to move. We have two more days left. This home has become such a treasure to me. We have been here five years since Jordan and I took our first steps together as husband and wife. Then we were here to watch our first little angel take her first steps. We survived the natural disasters that inevitably blew through our walls; the multiple floods and then our ceiling caving in; somehow these disasters only made our foundation stronger.
We are moving across the street temporarily while our home is being built. We have already had to fix leaks, dysfunctional heaters and swamp coolers, and whitewash the place from top to bottom. I can feel myself on heavenly surveillance right at this moment. Two days ago I went to get Charly up from her nap, only to find an entire white wall, crib, changing table, sheets, blankets, stuffed animals and a little innocent girl COVERED in permanent green marker. While I thought she was napping away, she was really playing Picasso all over the nursery. Where she came up with the marker?? Only heaven knows!
Then, about 20 minutes ago, I was lifting a heavy box of my nice dishes from our wedding and lowering them into a wagon I have been using to cart everything back and forth. On my way into the living room, the bottom of the box broke and my dishes shattered everywhere!!
Just to give you an idea of where my emotions are at right now: Yesterday, it was a pretty breezy day and while I was walking back and forth from house to house, I noticed a bird's nest that had been blown from the tree. I started sobbing and sobbing uncontrollably at the heartbroken reality that they had lost their home. I knew how they felt because WE were losing our home too and so I cried and cried some more.

So there is a big pile of shattered dishes downstairs and a nursery covered in the finest work of art from a 22 month old. But you know what, I am okay. I know that the Lord blesses us with these great trials, which oftentimes come at us all at once ("When it rains, it pours!"), but then He showers us with His sweet tender mercies if we endure through it well. I know that the Lord will look after this little family of robins as He will also look after us.

So, today I am taking on as my new motto for life, the blessed words from Elder Wirthlin,
"Come What May, and Love It!"

....Yes, there are TWO little birds in that nest! We will soon be adding another little one to the flock!...which may also explain my extra tank of tears!!