Wednesday, June 24, 2009

At Last...Our "Livvy-Lou" Has Arrived!

Waiting and waiting with Opa

Charly's new baby cousin, Olivia Sue

Hello, Everybody!! I am back from my blogging hiatus, although I am sure I have lost all of my followers...not that I expected to have any before anyway!

Oh my, where has all the time gone?! We are just a few weeks away from welcoming our little "surprise" into the world!! Yesterday, my dear sister, Julie, gave birth to her 4th little baby angel, Olivia Sue. This makes for 11 Grandchildren for the Dahlquist's and one more on the way! "Livvy" is absolutely the most beautiful little baby I have ever seen! I am so happy for my sister and her family!

Tickle Tickle!!


Jennifer said...

Those photos are so precious!! Thank you for your post. :)

Jessica said...

Congratulations! The pics of Charly and your dad are so sweet! Does she have him just wrapped around her finger?! May I just say that I like your family's taste in baby names as well. I've always LOVED the name Olivia but after Taylor and Whitney you might get suspicious that we're stalking your nephews and nieces! Have you thought of names?

Ashley Rae said...

Cute pictures!! I'm excited for you to have your new little one! :)

littlefamilyJLD said...

Hooray! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering if you'd had your baby yet. I couldn't remember when you are due.
I'm glad to see I haven't missed the chance to wish you the best with your next delivery and I can't wait to see the little bundle of joy!
Love ya!

Julie said...

Yay! We can't wait for Baby Nelson to get here! I loved watching Charly right when she first saw Livvy! Priceless. She gave her a little bit of a weird look like she wasn't sure what had just happend! So Cute! Love you!

Mel said...

I just love your family! I'm excited for you too! What fun your family has together. Aren't families just the best to have around! Congrats!

Rachelle said...

Congrats to Julie. Justin and Megan just had their litte one as well. Happiness. About the collages... you can just google "photo collages" and there are sites that let you make them. I've done mine on Picasa. Best of luck.

Abs and Me said...

I'm so behind on stalking blogs!!! Congrats to your sister! I also love the name Olivia! It was my second choice!!!

I can't wait to see you new little one as well!