Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Brand New Day

Every one of my sisters have overcome something truly remarkable. Today I want to share my sister, Julie's inspiring story with you. She recently posted an entry about her long, grueling journey to a brand new day. I look at her and my other sisters and see what they have achieved in their lifetimes and I am overcome with renewed feelings of hope and faith in enduring well through my own Gethsemanes.

Thank you, Pulsie, for making the choice to make a change. You are truly one of my greatest heroes! It has been SO GOOD to have you back!! I love you!

My sisters, Jill and Julie in their singing group, Illuminata


Julie said...

Thanks so much Kristin! I love you! I am so glad you put the link on here. I hope in some way it can benefit others whether they are struggling or a friend or family member is struggling!! It is great to be back!!

Suz said...

I am amazed at the love and strength of everyone in your family. They are just the best! I am incredibly proud of Julie.