Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom and Charly!

Happy Birthday Mom and Charly!..2 months ago!

Two months ago we celebrated two major milestones in the Dahlquist family!...My mom's 60th birthday and Charly's 1st! On the day of my mom's birthday, she had asked my dad if they could go to Ikea together, since she'd never been there before and thought it would be a fun birthday date! To make the day extra special, my dad arranged to have the whole family there to surprise her! To make it even more of a surprise, we all stood at the top of the second floor in the Food Court as "Charlie's Angels" sang our jazzy rendition of "Happy Birthday" while Mom and Dad rode up the escalator. She was so surprised!! Any of you who know my mom know that she will cry when a new supermarket opens.(as quoted by Dad!)...and we ALL take after our mother!! I am so grateful for my mother! I stand with Abe Lincoln in his beautiful tribute and declaration, "All that I am and all that I ever hope to be I owe to my angel mother."

Charly's 1st Birthday was wonderful. The day was simply spent together with her mommy and then in the evening with the Dahlquist fam. We sang her favorite songs all day, ate her favorite snacks and jammed to some fun tunes. Her favorite gift was a tissue box, with which she could make as big of a mess as she wanted pulling out every tissue and then stuffing them all back in and starting all over again. Ah, the sweet simple pleasures of a child! Eating the cake was a hit!...Every time she saw "Opa" (Grandpa in German), she would sign it on her head with her sticky fingers until her head was covered in whipped cream and strawberry'll see in the slide show!

My sister, Heather put together this cute slide show of our family party together...Thanks Babo!!!


Kim and Ken Carlile said...

How much fun! I loved seeing Charly sign! I'm sure Opa loves to see his little namesake so excited to see him! Happy Birthdays!!!

Aaron and Rachelle said...

Happy Birthday!!!

thebellcrew said...

I love the progression of the slide show. Totally classic with the b-day cake. Charly I so darling! How is your sprinkling system going?