Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Lifting, Twisting, and Bending"

This past Conference I was truly humbled and engulfed in gratitude for Elder Ballard's inspired message, followed by President Monson's powerful closing remarks. As mothers, we seldom receive accolades for the endless "lifting, twisting, and bending" we do day after day after day....nor do we dare ask for a sense of recognition from those around us who simply do not understand. For this reason, I was truly grateful for Elder Ballard who "opened a window" for us all to peer through and see a day in the life of a mother.
To all of you mothers, I am so grateful for you! The rewards and blessings of our endless toiling are tenfold!! I remember my dear friend, Rachelle counseling me on motherhood saying, "It never really gets just become stronger!"
As President Monson said, "Remember that the Lord will shape the back to bear the burden placed upon it."

Elder M. Russell Ballard
"Daughters of God"
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles,5232,23-1-851-37,00.html

President Monson
"Abundantly Blessed",5232,23-1-851-38,00.html


jaclyn and ben said...

Thanks Kristin for that. I truly enjoyed Elder Ballards talk, it made me feel appreciated and reassured that what I do as a mother IS important.

Matt and Jenna said...

I know you were just over, and we talked about just this! But I thought I'd still comment and say thank you!!! And Charly is invited over for ice cream and cheese anytime!

Aaron and Rachelle said...

That was also my favorite talk. How could any mother not appreciate hearing some good hard-earned praise. I don't remember telling you that quote either...but it is so true. Recently on Heather's blog...she put up a picture that she had taken on her recent trip to Germany. It was of the stuff you guys wrote in your attic. I copied one of the was about me. You'll have to take a look at it if you don't know what I'm talking about. Thanks for being such a good and loyal friend.

thebellcrew said...

I absolutely agree Kristin. It was such a powerful talk and it brought me such a sense of peace. I truly am grateful for all mothers!

littlefamily said...

I completely agree.
It was interesting how it was at the very end of conference, too. The whole time as I listened to each session of conference, I felt like there was something Heavenly Father wanted me to hear. I kept my ears open the whole time, hearing a lot of great things....but realized that it was this! What a wonderful message for all mothers!