Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Cheer Up Charly"

Today marks the 6th day of Charly's ongoing croup. After a week straight of terrible coughing, throwing up, wheezing, runny nose and diarrhea, Charly's nose started to bleed uncontrollably just the past two days. I was going to let this nasty cold just run its course, but when her nose started bleeding, I knew there was more to it than this crummy croup. So, this morning I took her in to the doctor's and came out with the following diagnosis:
*Bacterial Nasal Infection (never heard of that!)
*Sinus Infection
*Left Ear Infection
It took me nearly an hour to study the prescription instructions as each one requires various dose amounts and directions extremely specific to each one. Currently she is asleep on an incline with a cool-air humidifier that makes you feel like you've walked into a swamp. I've lathered Vicks Baby Rub all over her chest and am hoping my concoction of "at home" remedies along with prescription medicine will finally do the trick!

PS-A batch of cookies if you know where the title of this post is from! :-)


Aaron and Rachelle said...

Doesn't sound like fun around your house this week. What a nasty illness. I hope she starts feeling better soon. P.S. I believe its from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Weatherman said...

Someone already beat me to the answer! Well, I was going to guess the same thing. Hopefully Charly will get her golden ticket and find a way to beat her illness!

Matt and Jenna said...

Give me a smile
What happened to the smile I used to know
Don't you know your grin has always
Been my sunshine;
Let that sunshine show...

Come on, Charlie
No need to frown
Deep down you know tomorrow is your toy...

When the days get heavy
Never pitter patter
Up and at'em boy

Some day, sweet as a song
Charlie's lucky day will come along
Till that day
You've got to stay strong Charlie
Up on top is right where you belong

Look up, Charlie
You'll see a star
Just follow it and keep your dreams in view
Pretty soon the sky is going to clear up
Cheer up Charlie,do
Cheer up Charlie
Just be glad you're you.

You forget I link everything to movies! I Hope Charly gets better soon!

jaclyn and ben said...

I am sorry Kristin! Poor Charly! We will pray for her. It's really crappy being sick especially when it's one of your little ones and you kind of feel helpless. I hope she starts to feel like her happy self soon!

Kim and Ken Carlile said...

Of course it is from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. His mom is stirring the laundry in laundry mat she works for and wishing that Charlie weren't so downtrodden by not finding a golden ticket!
I'm sorry to hear she is sick. That is never fun and it sounds like hers is a doozie! We'll be thinking of you.

Ashley Rae said...

Oh man... poor sweet little girl. Having just ONE of those is awful- but all 4 at the same time?? Terrible. I hope she gets better, soon.

And you are so sweet! I really don't think they're good enough to sell, but love making them :)
Just wait- Charly will be wanting a princess party before you know it!

A Little Bit of Monica... said...

I'm sorry to hear about Charly. I wish I could kiss those sweet chubby cheeks of hers, and make her feel all better! Give her loves from aunt Monica!

josh and rach said...

Okay Kristin...I can completely feel for you. When Grace ended up with RSV, we went through almost EXACTLY what you are going through right now. I am so sorry for you and your little Charly. As a Mom you wish you could just say "Give it to me...let me be sick..." it is sad it can't work that way. And I am sure that there have been MANY sleepless nights for heart goes out to you. I hope that she will start doing better...and a little "Mom" tip that I was given when Grace was sick that really helped...a warm bath at night and while you are rubbing the Vicks on her chest, rub some on her feet and cover them with socks. Don't forget the socks. I don't know what it does, but it really helped Grace at night...we are thinking of you, I hope she feels better soon!!

Heather D. White said...

Looks like you already have a bunch of winners...but had to laugh. That's Chas' fave song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He sings it all the time. LOL! So sorry little Charly was so sick..she looked so happy at the party yesterday! LOVE YOU!