Thursday, June 26, 2008

What You Might Not Know About Me.....

A Little Bit of Random!
(I thought I might change gears a little and throw in something light after the past few weeks that have been so difficult....I am so grateful to each of you for your thoughts and prayers for our family.)

1- I love to think and wonder. Growing up, I had a "thinking chair" in our living room where I could just sit and think for hours and hours.

2- In college, when writing essays about our classmates in a Literature course, one student wrote about me, "Her hair BURNS like fire, in that it is red, of course." (exact wording! HA!HA!)...maybe I should start carrying an extinguisher around with me...just in case!!

3- I have a hole in my face. When I was nine years old, my sister chased me around the house, desperately wanting to "pop" what looked like a pimple on my cheek. She won the battle and I took the beating as a prompt doctor's visit indicated that "pimple" was actually a broken blood vessel that would now leave a permanent scar after being brutally mutilated by my sister.

4- My first kiss was with my neighbor, D.J. Sinclair when we were 5 years a box.

5- It is my dream to one day open a dance studio for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing intermingled with Hearing children and adolescents.

6- I am a dreamer, just like my dad.

7- In 3rd grade, I ran outside in my birthday suit during a fire drill while I was in the bathroom changing into my Ronald McDonald Halloween costume. The fire alarm sounded and I bolted to the door, half dressed in my whitey-tighties with my arms across my chest. All I could think about was my teacher saying, "When you hear a fire alarm, you STOP wherever you are and walk immediately to our class line at the top of the hill." So there I was, eight years old, bare feet and topless, sporting my rainbow brite undies....what could be worse, right? Well, it happened to be snowing outside, however I was determined to obey my teacher's commands and so off I went, trudging across the parking lot and up the hill, only to be greeted by the entire third grade staff with their mouths wide open in absolute shock and disbelief.
The next morning I received a "Panther Pride" award from the principal. See? always pays off to be obedient!

8- Any time I see a Strawberry Shortcake character, the little girl in me leaps out and wants to indulge in every little delicious thing on the shelf! Keep in mind, however, I own very few of her merchandise, maybe two or three things. It's kind of a secret passion, and I would never want to become one of those older women who still collect Barbies or Beanie Babies. *sigh* I just love her, that's all!!

9- I get the biggest kick out of little kids. Sometimes I just love them so much I feel like my heart could just burst!

10- I love exclamation points and smiley faces! Wouldn't it just be wonderful if we punctuated all of our comments with exclamations and a big smile! :-)


Tawni said...

That was a super cute post and can I just say that I never, ever tire of hearing the fire alarm story! :) That just always makes me smile. Fun, fun!

josh and rach said...

You are so cute! I was laughing at your fire alarm are very obedient. And I completely agree with the exclamation points and smilies. I love them both and have to be careful about "over using" them...but maybe I shouldn't!! !!!!:)

jaclyn and ben said...

Kristin thanks for always making me laugh! I just loved your fire alarm story...too cute! :) The exclamations and smile are for you!

Aaron and Rachelle said...

I'm glad you shared the fire alarm story because to be totally honest I have wanted to put it on MY blog before because it is just so dang funny. I didn't think I should be the one to share such an event though. Wonderful wonderful. thanks for a good laugh.

Tim & Jess said...

You're right, I did not know these things about you! What fun! I am right there with you concerning Strawberry Shortcake! Have a "berry" nice day and stay away from fire alarms!

Julie said...

Oh dear! Was that me that chased to around trying to pop your zit? Sorry to both you and the hole in your face, if I did!! :)

Matt and Jenna said...

I too laughed uncontrollably at your fire story! One thing we have in common is I always you smiley faces and lots of explanation points!!!!