Sunday, July 20, 2008

"all done! thank you! ba-bye!"

The other night I was putting Charly down to sleep and instinctly started tickling her. She was laughing hysterically and so naturally I continued my little tickle-fest. Sometimes as parents we get so into that irresistible laugh of a child that we go overboard with our delivery, which was exactly my case. After a full 60-second tickle session, my Charly let out an exasperated sigh, grabbed her bottle, and in one breath said, "All Done! Thank You! Ba-Bye!" 17 months old and she already knows when "enough is enough"! She definitely put her mother in her place!

I love summer because it is a time to listen to all the voices of nature while letting your bare feet get reacquainted with the many nationalities of ground cover. (Grass being my favorite; Charly's-Dirt) As the wise author Kahil so eloquently said,

"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play in your hair"

Well we have had many opportunities to do just that this summer and I thought I'd just share a few of those memories and milestones with you! Enjoy!

4th of July Ward Breakfast

I went in to check on Charly one day during her nap and found that she had taken the changing pad off the changing table and conveniently pulled it into her crib for a much softer, snuggier sleep!

Me 'n' My Girls! Danielle and Demi Shkapich (two of my Young Women)

Charly LOVES dogs! Here she is with Hannah, our friends' 170 pound St. Bernard who we watched for a week while they were out of town.

Sweet Great Grandma Nelson with our newest Nelson addition, Baby Dillon

Mom Nelson and Makayla

A roommate splash!- Here are the 2nd generation D3/Mapleview kids! I had a fun get-together with my dear roommates, Tawni and Rachelle with all of our kids

Just chillin' with "Grandma and Grandpa Elg"...yet another of Charly's many adopted Grandparents in our ward!-Stake Campout

Splashing around at the Gateway fountains

Nelson Family Picnic-Tanner's Flat

Oh, I have so many more! I better break it up a little! Here's a little summer starter-kit!


thebellcrew said...

Okay I was wondering what that was in charlys crib it looked like a massive pillow. Kids really are so funny because most of the time they really know what they want.

Julie said...

Ok. Could Charly be any cuter? I love her! She has a great mom and dad too. You are so good to work with her and play with her! She is officially the smartest little 17 month old ever. She will be speaking her 2nd language fluently, Im sure, by 2 years.! BRILLIANT !