Saturday, July 26, 2008

*thank you osmond family and more summer lovin'!*

Jordan and I feel so fortunate to be able to accompany my parents to several wonderful events for the Church. Last night was the Pioneer Commemoration concert at the Conference Center featuring the entire Osmond family with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra. It was outstanding! Though their lives have not been without hardship and struggle, I am so amazed at how they have all pulled together and stuck together as a family. If you take a peek at other Hollywood families, you will most often see how their families have been torn apart and their reputations shattered by the media and worldly temptations. (example-The Jackson 5 who were the Osmond's contending family during the 60s and 70s)
For their concluding number, the Osmond Family were once again joined with the Choir and Orchestra singing, "Come Come Ye Saints", while the two oldest brothers who are profoundly Deaf signed the hymn so beautifully! What a spectacular evening it was!

It was so wonderful to be with my parents. My Dad's calling requires extensive traveling and so we truly cherish every moment we are able to spend with them! He just returned home from Korea and will be setting out for the South Pacific in a few weeks.

Thursday evening we headed up to Oakley, Utah for food, four-wheeling, fireworks and FUN with our awesome friends, Matt and Jenna. Matt's parents live in an absolutely gorgeous country home with 6.5 acres of horse property! Jordan, my "wannabe a cowboy" husband, took advantage of the open invitation to ride! Matt's dad coached him for about an hour while Jordan took their beautiful horse, Ebb, up and down the open trails, sporting his brand new Cabela cowboy boots! He was in heaven! Later that night they took us to the Summit County Rodeo! What a blast! Once Charly woke up, she had a blast! She and Easton played off each other the whole night, planting a million kisses on eachother, one after the other!...must've been the fireworks!!

Here's a few shots of our awesome time with the Johnson family!!

Matt's awesome brother, Mike taking the kids for a ride!

Move Over Mini-Van!...Jenna's got THREE on the Four-Wheeler!

Ride On, Cowboy!....Jordan just "horsin' around"!

All that hardcore play put her out for about an hour!

Cutey-pants Easton in his snazzy yellow fireman hat!


Aaron and Rachelle said...

That is fun that you were there... we were able to attend as well. To be perfectly honest... I didn't think I would enjoy it so much just because they're kind of part of a different generation and I don't know any of their music... but I thought it was really entertaining and I loved that song at the end "I Believe". I thought it was beautiful - and I love that the same message has been shared all around the world by the Osmond family.

Jessica said...

How special to have that time with your dad and family! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Giddyup Jordan, nice boots!

Julie said...

Wow! So lucky! I too, am grateful that you have the opportunity to attend things with mom and dad since they never invite us!! :)
What? I am a huge Osmond fan! Apparently when tickets are few, they will always call their favorite child!! :) No, really I am so glad you were able to go! It looks amazing! And I have your cabinet and it is adorable!

jaclyn and ben said...

How fun Kristin! It's so nice to have such good friends so close!

Kim and Ken Carlile said...

What fun! That is really neat that you could go. I was jealous of the cowboy riding too...looks like a great outing!

Paul and Jill said...

hey kristin! i was at the concert too! about 5 rows behind and to the middle from you and your parents! i kept trying to get your attentin, but you were talking to a family of girls. I waved at your dad! its always so good to see your family, even if its from a distance! you all have such wonderful spirits. anyway! i agree, the concert was great! and looks like youre having a really fun summer! its easy to stay busy! cute cute family!