Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Kiss to Build a Dream On

Woah, you two!!! This looks a little too much
like the real deal!
You Go, Bubba!! He's even got his eyes closed!!

My nephew, Alex (who we call Bubba) and Charly
sharing a sweet
(though rather passionate-looking) smoocheroo
on the lips!

A double-take! Okay, maybe you don't think so, but in real person, this little boy we met at Chuckie-Cheeses named Blake looked exactly like our Alex!
Take a look!

My beautiful niece, McKaylee, proving that you cannot eat 6 Saltine Crackers in a row in under a minute without drinking water....try it!...it's impossible!

Hickory, Dickory, Dock!..Brinley went up the clock!...and down and up and down and up!


Nanon said...

Your girl has the moves! That is such a cute picture!

melanie33 said...

Hey Kristin! I am glad you found me thru the blogging world! I just spent some time reading up on what's been going on with you! Thanks for your comment on my blog, it made me laugh. I actually know ashley thru the blogging thing too. She is friends with my sister in law, sarah. Small world! I will keep checking in to see what you are up to! Thanks for finding me!
ps... I think its time you had a talk with your daughter about kissing... don't you? I mean she doesn't look sixteen to me...

Matt and Jenna said...

what?? Charly is going for the "BIG" bubba?? So cute! I didn't notice you in our jumping picture! However when you brought it to my attention I couldn't stop laughing!

Ashley Rae said...

Whoah- that kiss is majorly passionate. As my daughter would say, that's a "married kiss." Hehe.
Yes- like Mel said, I know her through blogging, and she is my friend's sister in law. Hehe. She definitely cracks me up.
Charly is SO adorable. You make good babies.

Heather D. White said...

Oh my crud..that kiss is hilarious! You HAVE to keep that on hand for when they are older. They will die!!!! And MAN..that little kid DOES look just like Bubba. WOW! Wasn't it in idea where we so ANOTHER little kid that looked like Bubba? Crazy.

Julie said...

Wow! That is hilarious! How funny. I love it when Brady goes to kiss me and grabs my neck like he's gonna choke me...haha. So cute. Andy holy cow! That little boy looks exactly like Bubba. Especially if Bubba had his hair spiked up like the other boy. How funny. Thanks so much for watching the kids for our little get away! They had a blast! Love you!
By the way, Bubba says Charly gives good lip. :)

Julie said...

Me again. So I just looked at Jenna's blog and it looks like your little angel is playing the field. She was planting her lips on cute little Austin. CHARLY!!! Bubba will be devistated! I'll break it to him lightly!

Julie said...

Meant to say Easton.........