Saturday, August 9, 2008

*we're all in this together!*

A week ago Charlie's Angels hit the Theatre to see High School Musical on Broadway...Mom's treat!! I don't think we stopped smiling ONCE throughout this toe-tappin', hip-hoppin', boogie-jammin' production!! What a blast!! In the middle of the show, my sweet niece, McKaylee, who has never been to the Theatre before, was looking at the program when she turned around and asked, "Do we get to stay for Act II too?" HaHa! How cute is that !

Following the show, I made a new friend named Lily, who is currently at Primary Children's Hospital after being in a terrible accident on the 4th of July. She is now permanently confined to a wheelchair. I will be visiting her often if anybody wants to come with me!

Luv you Mom!

Me and my sister Jill

I simply cannot express how much I love these girls! They are my lifeline! Thank you, Mom, for such a magical night! What a sweet thought it is to know that no matter what, through thick and through thin, we really are all in this together!

My gorgeous nieces, McKaylee, Whitney, and Brinley

And now, I leave you with this....(don't ask...just look at the second picture where my sister caught the spoon mid air-it looks like it's part of my necklace!)

Thanks so much, Babo, for this awesome slide show!!


Julie said...

Ahhh. I LOVE US! And aren't we so lucky to have a sister who does such great fun things on her blog so that we can steal them and put them on our blogs?? THANKS HEATHER!! And that picture with the spoon as part of your necklace is priceless!

Tawni said...

How much fun!!! You girls all look so cute in all of the pictures! I'm glad you had such a great time! :)

thebellcrew said...

Oh you guys are so funny. That is fun that you all get together with everyone for something like that.