Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Pumpkins!

I must admit, the actual holiday of Halloween has never been a favorite of mine. I do, however, love the autumn-like ambiance that accompanies this otherwise frightful holiday. Those of you who know me, know that I am a "happy pumpkin" person, decorating my home with joyful jack-o-lanterns and witty witches that give sweets instead of spells! Do you remember, back in the day when we were able to just go out trick-or-treating on our own, foot-loose and fancy free! Today is such a different day where we would never dream of sending our kids out unaccompanied by an adult. I'd much rather steer away from the ghouls and goblins of today and focus on the delicious sights and smells of the season! One of my greatest thrills in life is crunching a freshly fallen autumn leaf! Oh, what joy! :-)
PS- Don't you love this awesome picture of Charly, spoiled by a typical stream of chocolate drooling down her chin! HA!


Isn't family just wonderful! In the Dahlquist family, we have a family party every month, celebrating the birthdays for that month. We also get together often on Sunday evenings and when we hold our adult Family Home Evenings. We just can't get enough of each other! Last night, my mom made my same delicious birthday dinner I have had every year for as long as I can remember!...Cornflake porkchops, half potatoes (or funeral potatoes), and my yummy strawberry banana jello. Oh yum!! Thank you so much, Mom!

Birthday Kiddos for Oct./Nov (Heather's friend, Kate, Me, Seneca, and Chas)

Charly LOVES her cousin, Taylor!

What would we ever do without Aunt Kimbo!?

Skeleton "Mummy"
My cute friend, Kim is making these adorable, trendy maternity shirts for the "mummies" to be! It can be tricky to find a costume when you are "scaring for two"! :-)
(*Black Maternity shirt with glow in the dark print. Great way to tell family and friends the good news! Call with your size you'll be a hit! You can contact Kim at 492-9981.* )


Ashley Rae said...

Happy Birthday!! You look so great! I actually LOVE Halloween- it's so much fun to dress up. I'll make sure to post lots of pictures of our family costumes, this year :)

I love the picture of Charly on the pumpkins!

littlefamilyJLD said...

How funny that minutes ago I posted a bunch of pictures of our little man amid a myriad of pumpkins, then came over and saw that cute picture of Charly!
If you put the two of them together I think we have the makings of some very cute early engagement pictures....:)


Love ya!

Julie said...

It looks like you all had so much fun! Wish we could have been there. We are having a blast here at Disneyland! We miss you all!

Jennifer said...

Happy pumpkins to you too! Yes, I actually think pumpkins and all the yummy things you can make with them are my favorite part of this season. :) I hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Kim and Ken Carlile said...

Holy Cow, that dinner sounds delicious and I'm sure made by your mother it was fantastic. Can I just say that Charly's pig tails kill me...that are out of this world adorable!

Sarah said...

I agree, love this season and all the colors of fall. AND, a belated happy birthday to you!!!