Monday, October 27, 2008

Hugs All Around!

I have never been a "huggy" person (my friends and family can attest to that!)...that is until I married into a "huggy" family! I am notorious for my whimpy little "one armed 'pat-pat-pat'" hug. As an EFY counselor, I learned that there is much more to life that the "one armed pat". EFY was like one ginormous hug fest! Then when I married into Jordan's family, I was introduced into a whole new world of hugging! Whenever we see each other, we make the "hugging rounds", making sure not to forget anyone. Whenever we leave, we do another round of hugs. It was very foreign and uncomfortable to me at first, but now, I must say, I love it, I absolutely love it!!
I really feel the whole world needs more hugs!! When I was growing up, there were times my dad would just hug me out of the blue and I would just melt into his embrace, completely overcome by the most insurmountable joy and a kind of peace and rejuvenation that is indescribable.

Now I hug as many people as I can everyday! Today I hugged someone that felt like I was hugging a block of ice. I think it took her completely off guard.

Do you remember that guy in New York who carried a sign all around the city which read
"Free Hugs", soliciting an actual embrace for anyone who needed it? Well there were people LINED UP around the corner for a very much needed squeeze! We truly underestimate the power of a warm embrace.

In Germany, where I lived for three years, it is natural for people to greet each other with a big hug and a kiss on both cheeks. Oh, how I love that beautiful custom.
One of my favorite poets, Shel Silverstein got it right on the nose when he so profoundly wrote:

Just different this world would be if hugs were as frequent as "high fives" or "hellos". Today is not here for very long, in fact, it's almost over! If you can't find someone to hug, hug a tree! Find people to hug who normally go everyday unnoticed or unappreciated...the janitor, the lunch ladies, the church members who serve in the library, the crossing guard, the mailman, the school teachers, the people who slice all the cheese at Harmons, the neighbor up the street who nobody knows, the sweet grandmas at Costco who serve the samples, and the people at Farnsworth Orchard who make fresh cider daily from a cider press and then sit for hours and hours before someone comes in to buy it.
Then keep on hugging those you see everyday and don't let a single day slip through your fingers where you have not given your loved ones their daily squeezes...or as my sister, Heather calls them, their "SQUATCHES"! Thanks Babo!


Heather D. White said...

*sigh* I love this entry! As you know, I am SUCH a hugger. Many people comment on how tight I tight my "squatches" are. But I have always wanted people to be able to literally FEEL just how much I love them, by how tight I hug them. Love these photos....especially the guy with the FREE HUGS sign. That is seriously classic!

Rachelle said...

What a very nice post. It made me feel all happy inside :). Thank you.

Stacie said...

The huggy Nelsons were a surprise to me at first, too, but now I love it! It is fun to feel like everyone is excited to see each person in the family.

We miss you!

Julie said...

Does this mean our ever so popular Dahlquist family "cheek" is no more?? Haha! Brady has always hated how we all hug. I remember him a few years back going to give you a hug and of course was greeted with a "one arm, barely leaning in, and 3 pat" hug. I remember he just turned around and hugged you as hard as he could just to get your reaction! I love this post so much! It is so important to hug, and I too, am not a really huggy person. So starting today, I am going to go gung ho on my hugs for the day!! So watch out, Kristin, next time I see you I'm coming full force at you with a ginormous hug! Thanks for making my day!

Joan Nelson said...

Kristin dear, You probably don't know this. But, the Nelson - "hugs all around" - started with Grandma Nelson. For as long as I have been in the Nelson family, no one got past my mother-in-law without a welcoming hug and a good-by hug. Our children picked up on that because that is all they have ever known. I, too, had to learn how to "hug" and I came from a huggy family myself. But, I didn't ever hug anyone else. Now . . . I hug everyone!!

Love you dear, Love your blog! It appears like this particular subject attracted a lot of attention!
MOM Nelson

Ashley Rae said...

This is so cute, Kris! I have always been a huggy person... and even more so, now that I've married into a very huggy family. I don't hug people even half as often as I should... I think working at a law firm kind of puts the barrier up. It might be viewed as sexual harassment ;)

I love Shel Silverstein. Have you read his ABZ book? Hilarious.


The Thueson's said...

Oh I love this post! My family was never a huggy family. I even remember being so uncomfortable going to school in 8th grade because everyone started giving each other hugs and it was weird to me! That is so funny :) Brauns family is super huggy so I have become quite a hugger myself!!
You are so cute. I can tell that Jenna looks up to you so much and just loves being your neighbor!

Oh and about Zack and Lacey! Yep.. they are my neighbors. Well, they live in my neighborhood anyway! :) How do you know them? They are super nice!

jaclyn and ben said...

Kristin this post made me laugh because I remember giving you a hug when you so kindly brought me dinner when my husband was out of town and I was truly so grateful for your thoughtfulness but anyways when I gave you a hug, I got the one handed pat pat on the back! I could tell you weren't a hugger! Loved the post because I LOVE hugs!

Clarks said...

Thanks for my birthday HUG on Sunday. And happy Birthday to you tomorrow! Jenni