Thursday, February 19, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!...and Happy Birthday, Charly Wynn!

Last weekend was all sorts of fun! I love doing "Girls' Nights Out" with my nieces a couple times a year and last Friday we booked a room at a hotel, just me and the three oldest girls on the Dahlquist side....of course, Charly tagged along until Daddy came and picked her up after work! We had a blast! I love these girls SO much! The pictures tell all! Enjoy!

A few little surprises I left on the bed for when the girls arrived! This hotel was awesome! They gave each of the girls a fun mesh backpack with all kinds of goodies, gifts and coupons inside!

I found these edible Love Notes at Walmart. They tasted like Cherry Cardboard...yummy! Even the ink is edible!

Celebrating Charly's birthday with a Little Debbie's Strawberry Shortcake treat!

Okay, I DID bring apples and healthy popcorn! They are just not pictured!

Charly was in HEAVEN!

Warming up in the bath after a freezing cold walk back to our room!

Pizza! Pizza!

Our cute little pooches!..they each gave them names
(from L to R: Lola, Undecided (it was Nicole for a while), Lily)


Oh, Baby's Got BACK! Her swim diaper literally EXPLODED!

Look at those Toots!

Good Morning Sunshines!
A Yummy Continental Breakfast and then Beauty Parlor by Whitney!
A Surprise from Oma on Charly's birthday (Sunday, February 15)
Ooooh, she LOVES her Opa!

My Baby Girl is TWO! I love you, Charly Wynn!!!


Ashley Rae said...

Oh how fun!! Girls nights are a blast- and it looks like you are just super mom and did everything. I'll bet your neices just ADORE you.

Happy birthday, Charly!!

melanie33 said...

you are a fun aunt!! what a cute idea.
btw... i am totally serious about the snickers thing. ask your dr about it. My doctor said it had to be a King sized snickers consumed within 5 minutes (which is a little difficult) but way better than the alternative; I am 27 weeks and just took that test this week so you are coming up on it!

Julie said...

The girls had a BLAST!! They loved it!! They couldn't stop talking about how fun it was! I also heard about the exploding diaper! Pretty funny! Thanks for doing that! You are such a fun Aunt! Those pics of Charly with Dad are TOOOOO cute! Happy Birthday Charly Wynn! We love you!

Kim and Ken Carlile said...

Kristin, you are the queen of fun nights like that! You can come to NC for a girl's night anytime you'd like!! Happy Birthday to Charly, her pigtails are adorable.

Jennifer said...

What a fun aunt and Mom you are! It looks like you all had so much fun!

Kristin said...

That is so fun! What a great idea!