Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Charlie’s Lil' Angels

Tricycles and training wheels
And family trees to climb,
Mom and Dad began their walk
One angel at a time.

Up the road and ‘round the bend
They welcomed one and two;
Three was on her way
While four and five came shining through.

Who’d have known that dancing shoes,
Pigtails, pink, and pearls,
Would captivate the tender hearts
Of Charlie’s little girls.

Music ‘round the ivories,
Stories by the fire;
A batch of homemade cookies
Would become their hearts’ desire.

Now further down this pathway,
Gentle mothers they will be
And more tiny little angels will
Climb up their family tree.

While autumn winds and winter storms
May blow upon their path,
The Lord provides the sunshine
In the blissful aftermath.

One by one they’ve planted seeds
To help their tree to grow;
Today with branches full of leaves
They’ve so much love to show.

Little did they really know
What treasures they would find
When Mom and Dad began their walk
One angel at a time.

By Kristin Dahlquist Nelson


Ashley Rae said...

Those are really cute pictures. And you look beautiful :)

The Daley Family said...

I have always loved your mom. I also love that poem you wrote...WOW!

Julie said...

Ahhh! We have a great family! We do have a great mom! And I loved the poem you wrote! It was amazing!

Rachelle said...

Happy Birthday Zella!!! Kristin - that poem was really good. I didn't know you had such a talent. Very beautiful.

Glass House said...

wow look at those silly faces he he...Happy Valentine's day!

melanie33 said...

what an awesome mom you have! what awesome girls she created!

Matt and Jenna said...

Kristin I love the poem!! You are amazing...and where is the belly?? It's just not growing!

Weatherman said...

You are quite the poet, and I didn't even know it! Awesome!!! Happy birthday to Zella! What a tribute to her to have such a fine family!

Jennifer said...

Great poem Kristin!! Happy birthday to your amazing Mom too.

Rookie Blog said...

Great poem. YOu know I tried to name Alexa, Zella but Joe wouldn't let me...only because he doesn't know your mom like I do. Tell her Hi and I love her.