Thursday, March 26, 2009

High On the Mountain Top

Truly an experience I shall never forget. My father spoke at the dedication at 11:30 Sunday morning and every one of us, including his angel mother, were able to join him and the Prophet in the Celestial Room of the Draper Temple. Five of my nieces and nephews were also able to attend. I simply can't think of a more beautiful gift than to have my entire family with me in the House of the Lord. Sitting there, nearly 6 months pregnant, I couldn't stop thinking about where our little yet-to-be-born baby was and how I felt at that moment that we were all together in a very celestial place. What a day it will be when we will once again all be united in His glorious Kingdom on high. I am so grateful!
The Dahlquist Family


Justin*Megan*Molly said...

What a neat experience. The dedication was great, although unfortunately I went to the later session and didn't get to hear your dad speak.

And I think you look great, in all your pregnancy puffiness...:)

Kim and Ken Carlile said...

What a neat experience. At my younger brother's wedding we were all able to be present in the sealing and it was an amazing expereience.
Oh, and without a better shot, it is hard to really tell, but you look great! I get such a big ole belly!

Rachelle said...

What an incredible experience. We were planning on attending our stake's session and then some problems came up that prevented us. I'm sad we missed it. Also in defense of LimeRicki it really was just an error. It was poor lighting and a buff colored bottom. You should still be a fan because there are so few modest swimwear lines. (In fact I've never heard of another one. Do you know of any others?)

Angela said...

Wow! How blessed to have such an amazing experience with your family. I found your blog through Rachel K. Hope you don't mind my looking. How are you both doing? You daughter is adorable and congrats on the one on the way.

Amy said...

What a beatiful and sacred moment to share with your family! My eyes are welling up just thinking about it. And you don't even look a bit pregnant in the are you hiding it? My belly really "popped" about a week ago - oh how I'm looking forward to the next four months of it! Hugs to all!