Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zipadee-ZOO DAY!!

Two weeks ago Charly and I headed out to FREE DAY at the Zoo! If you ever need a serious work-out, head out to Hogle's! By the way, thank you all for your GREAT ideas to keep my little monkey busy! Maridyn, I bought some fun puzzles and she LOVES them! Chelle, she LOVED Dino Playland, other than the other bully kids that kept pushing her down.

We were the first ones of the day on the train!
(all I recall that we saw was some sheep, but the ride was still fun!)

Ahh, Alas! Charly finally found the rest of her family!
"Who Who's That Charly?"

Not loving the monster elephant so much

I threw in one from Dino Playland at South Towne


Rookie Blog said...

I'm soo glad. Legos is the next best thing...but it might be too boyish...

Kristin said...

Looks like the zoo was a success!

Justin*Megan*Molly said...

Looks like fun! Was free zoo day really crowded? We also have been known to visit Dino land (a tip from Chelle) and it's great when it's close to empty! Darn those big kids!

Jennifer said...

What a fun mommy/daughter outing! I'm glad it turned out to be such a success!