Friday, March 7, 2008

Boulders, Thorns and Tumbleweeds...and a Few Mud Puddles

Alright, I must've missed the warning section in the instruction booklet that 'while you're "walkin' on sunshine", look out for the boulders, thorns and tumbleweeds that will inevitably impede your walking rhythm'!! I think I may have done the celebration dance WAY too soon, because now nearly every day this past week, Charly has had MAJOR pitfalls, beginning with a gigantical (yep-that's a word in my dictionary) goose egg on her forehead, then followed by another terrible fall, resulting in a mouth full of blood, swollen gums and two purple and blue scars on both cheeks, and to ice the cake...jammed little fingers from her 4th cousin (yep...4th) slamming them in his underwear drawer. *sigh* So, we're still walkin' on sunshine, but we're just running into a few mud puddles here and there.


Brown Family said...

Poor Charly. After being a confidant walker for a year now... Andrew still bumps into something or falls at least once if not several times a day. Don't worry... I'm sure she'll survive it all.

littlefamily said...

Believe me. I know exactly what you mean. and amazingly kids tend to be pretty resilient, at least that's what I'm finding out with our Little Man. He has had so many bumps and bruises, and even several episodes of blood . . . It is horrible to have to watch them experience, but luckily, they don't remember too long before they start trying to do it again!
I guess that is just part of the learning process.

Matt and Jenna said...

POOR CHARLY!! Gracie's face looked just like that! I'm so thankful Easton was better on his feet!

Ashley Rae said...

Hey Kris!! Yay- you have a blog! Me too :)

Your little girl is so adorable... what a cutie. Oh- and the falling thing? Ya... once they get mobile they are bruise magnets. Haha!