Friday, March 7, 2008

"Jump On It!"

If anybody wants a FUN idea for an FHE activity or an ANY day activity, I discovered an awesome place in Lindon near Orem called, "Jump On It!". This past week we've been watching our awesome little cousins in Alpine and took them there for Family Home Evening and just had a blast! The entire gym is wall to wall trampolines, including vertical ones on the walls! There are basketball hoops to play a game of jump-ball as well as a "Kiddy-Jump" area just for kids. They even have a free Mommy/Baby jump time during the week! Your "ticket" lasts one hour and believe me, you are all "jumped out" by then!

For FHE that night we had a lesson on "Patience" and for our treat we made Zip Loc Ice Cream where you throw all the ingredients into a zip-loc bag and then "patiently" shake it until it turns to yummy ice cream! I must forwarn you, if you want to try it yourself, it does take about 30 good minutes for it to churn into ice cream. I admit, we did get a little impatient(so much for the lesson!), but it was well worth the wait! Here are a couple fun pictures of our week with the kids! (Tanner, Lizzie, and Zack) Here is the yummy ice cream recipe!:

Zip Loc Ice Cream:

Give each member a STURDY sandwich size zip loc bag. Put in the bag 1 cup whole, chocolate, or strawberry milk, 1 T. sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla. Seal bag. In a large one gallon zip lock bag, put 3-4 cups of ice and 6 T. Rock Salt. Add 1-2 of the smaller zip loc bags filled with ice cream ingredients. Seal the bigger bag and take turns shaking/kneading the bags and wait "patiently" for it to turn into ice cream. Enjoy!

FYI- I am a faithful "Western Family" shopper, however for this particular recipe, you do need good sturdy "Zip Loc" bags, otherwise they break open and the salt leaks into the smaller bag.

Website for "Jump On It"-


Kim and Ken Carlile said...

That looks like so much fun! I'll have to check out if there is something similar to that out here, it would be a great time!

jaclyn and ben said...

Hey Kristin I am so glad you jumped on the blog bandwagon! It is so much fun. Thanks for sending me your link! Here is our

pulsebabe said...

Ok. That very possibly could be the funniest dang thing I have ever seen with Jordan leading us all in the St Patty's Jig. I'm assuming he got new shoes, cause he had some "HIGH KICKS" going on. HILARIOUS! So glad that you are blogging now. I am going to start as soon as I get caught up with everything else in my life. Thanks for letting me be a part of the magnificent JIG with JORDAN and his "NEW SHOES"

littlefamily said...

You are going to be the funnest mom to all your little kiddies. That sounds like such a fune FHE activity! And that place in Orem, I have heard of it, but we've never been there. That Mother-Baby hour sounds like fun. Do you know when it is? We should get together and try it out!!!