Monday, September 8, 2008

Family Matters

Sometimes I wonder how I would fill my summer days without my family....or any days for that matter! My family is my lifeline and I simply cannot imagine my life without them.

BTW...My picture commentaries are way off whack...I can't figure out how to fix it so have fun decoding!

Bear Lake 2008

Charlie's Angels (minus me and Kim...I was in the pool!)

Charly's music class! 2008
I consider these "family", Charly and her best friends, Easton and Gracie
Jordan and Baby Dillon

Charlie and Charlie's Angels (we went out with the girls and Dad showed up with a box of Sees Chocolates for each of us!! It was especially a fun surprise since he left that day for three weeks to the South Pacific...he is still there!)

Another Marathon! Way to Go, Jordan!! (Spanish Fork Half-Marathon)

Woah kids, give Grandma some air!!!

I also consider these girls to be "family"...two of my Young Women, Danielle and Demi

Giddyup Coalville Rodeo, here we come!!!

Reading our fave, "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!" with Grandma Nelson at Bear Lake!

Travis and Peggy

Bear Lake 2008

My adorable niece, McKaylee

First Day of Nursery!! Yippeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Beautiful Grandma Afton Dahlquist with the girls (Dahlquist Family Reunion 2008)
Aunt "Kimbo"....the child "charmer"!

She LOVES her "Opa" Dahlquist!!
Uncle Craig!!


josh and rach said...

Congratulations on reaching the milestone that is nursery! That age is hard to handle in church trying to sit through Sunday School and Relief Society/Priesthood quietly! Enjoy listening to lessons now! :)

Julie said...

Oh Kristin! I love this post. I hope you don't mind. I stole a few pictures off for my blog. I so much love the ones of the kids attacking mom and cute little Charly with her "Opa" . That one in the classroom is adorable. We do have a great family. I also feel so blessed to have such an amazing family! I love you!

Julie said...

Me again.!!:) I love the pic with Uncle Craig. It's funny. I have a vivid memory of him holding me when I was so little...maybe not that little. But I always remember loving him so much and that there was something so kind and gentle about him.

melanie33 said...

you have a great family and i see why you love them so much! I think they have a great sister, daughter, and granddaughter in you!

Matt and Jenna said...

I too love this post! I also want to watch you mow your lawn for your "first" time! YEAH fun!

Weatherman said...

I haven't posted our Bear Lake pictures yet - I'm hoping to get to it this week though. I've been sick with the flu the last few days so our blog has slowed to a crawl. I'll have to get back to writing tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your pictures - they all look great!

Jennifer said...

Hi Kristin! Thank you for sharing so many of your fun family photos! I tagged you on my blog! Come check it out!

Suz said...

What fun pictures! I too love the one with Craig--he's always been a favorite of mine too!
Thanks again for your help today--you're awesome!!

Jennifer said...

Hi Kristin! I just realized I did a dumb! I meant to send you the info about Seussical a long time ago, but I sent it to the wrong place, so you probably never got it! I've made a blog post about it now though, so you can check it out there. :) Sorry for the delay!