Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Have Never...

1. Mowed a lawn

2. Been on a cruise

3. Eaten cow tongue

4. Broken a limb

5. Read the "Twilight Series"...I know, GASP!

6. Enjoyed unpacking

7. Milked a cow

8. Understood why we can't all just get along!

9. Had a nintendo, trampoline or Barbie doll

10. Learned to play the accordian...*sigh*, someday!;-)

11. Figured out a Rubix Cube

12. Been on the roof

13. Had a professional pedicure

14. Canned peaches

15. Loved Mexican food...Exception: Cafe Rio

16. Colored my hair

17. Owned an elliptical....Santa, are you reading this?

18. Had an Ipod, Palm Pilot, or access to Texting on my phone

19. Loved any other season more than I love the Fall!

20. Learned to french braid

21. Had a root canal

22. Picked my nose and consumed the innards...I seriously will never understand that inborn tendancy in kids!! Yucka!

23. Had a pair of Doc Martins....until last month! (I bought a pair for $2 at a Garage Sale!!)

24. Needed glasses or contacts (although my astigmatism in my left eye drove me at the young age of 11 to secretly memorize the eye chart at the doctor's because I was sick of having to go in to be checked and never walking out with a classy new pair of specs! roommates will attest to my obsession with glasses-In college I bought some non-prescription personality frames and would wear them like they were just part of the outfit!! I would even get them out when I needed to read something in public! HAHA!)...Never had braces either!

25. Loved life more than I do now! How could I possibly ask for more!....although an elliptical would be nice...;-)


Julie said...

So I'm thinking you never have mowed the lawn because all of your older sisters did it!! You just lucked out. I actually love mowing now. I had never done it since we were married because Brady is a little OCD about his "lines" but since he never has time to do it, I have taken over! It's kind of therapeutic for me. And as far as an Eliptical goes, I think Santa may have a special source he goes through to get Elipticals at BBC. I'll have my contact at BBC contact Santa and let him know you need an Eliptical. And so glad you don't eat your boogars. I would have to pretend you weren't my sister. hahaha. I'll never forget a little boy once saying to me when I confronted him.."What? They are good! They taste like bacon!" Ewwwwww!

Rachelle said...

I don't believe for a second that you have never eaten a booger. I remember you doing it in college. Okay that was a joke, but I'm sure you did it when you were a kid. That's a good list. I'm going to write one. And don't worry about the Dragon Tales thing... I'm not super sensitive about my kids cartoons and I totally think Super Why is the best.

Ashley Rae said...

Holy cow!! That is amazing. I wouldn't be able to say even have of that about myself. You've NEVER had a professional pedicure? or learned to french braid?? That's craziness. Of course I'll bet I'd have a list of stuff of nevers that you HAVE done, like, be amazingly talented at everything you do :)

melanie33 said...

i thought i was the only person on earth who never learned to french braid. now i can safely say i am not. All is right again in the world.

josh and rach said...

What a fun idea! I love it! I hope you get your elliptical! Maybe Santa will drop one off at my house too!! :)

Kristin said...

Oh Kristin you're so cute.

Suz said...

I'm with you on the french braid thing...I did it for Liz a long time ago and told her that she had better tell everyone that SHE did it herself. Then it would seem impressive rather than pathetic. We don't try that anymore. :)