Saturday, September 20, 2008

September Spotlight

I love this picture. I love it because it captures my mother-in-law's true character. When the curtain is closed and the stage lights shut down, you will undoubtedly find her in some way or form out on an errand for the Lord, or simply taking in every brushstroke of God's breathtaking murals surrounding us everyday.
She never desires to be in the limelight, and yet it is her luminous countenance that radiates so brightly, you can almost feel an electric charge standing near to her!
She inspires me everyday to be a better, more optimistic person. She is a listener and a comforter. She has wept with me many times when heartache and adversity stood at our door.
I am simply at a loss for words when it comes to my gratitude and unconditional love for the mother of my eternal sweetheart and the grandmother of our little angel. How blessed I am to have a mother who is following so faithfully in the footsteps of the Savior. She truly is a sweet and humble handmaiden of the Lord. I am so blessed to have her in my life!

The Nelson Grandchildren all flock to their Grandma Nelson!

She really does GLOW, doesn't she!!

These two are constantly at battle with who gets to sit on Grandma's lap!


Brian said...

what a great mother in law you have! She is beautiful... so sweet of you too!

melanie33 said...

oops signed in under my husband... sorry.

Suz said...

You are so very blessed to have TWO great mothers in your life!! She seems like an amazing woman...but look at her son that she surprise there. :)

Matt and Jenna said...

She really is the most awesome lady! I'm so glad I got to meet her!! You need to tell her you posted this! She would cry!

Mel said...

Grandma's are the best, aren't they! Those pictures are so cute! We are so blessed to both have two wonderful grandma's for our kids!

Lisa said...

Your post honestly made me cry. Joan was one of the moms in my ward growing up that I really looked up to. She is such an amazing person and I have so many fond memories of her and the way she touched my life. I hope she knows that she is loved my many people! (even those who haven't seen her in 10 years)